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June 14, 2018

EP78 | Sequelto RAD

How RAD are you? In 1986 Hal Needham, the director of Smokey and The Bandit was tasked by Talia Shire from the Rocky films to direct a “sportsploitation” film in the style of The Karate Kid, but with BMX racing. Who knew that by including scenes of Bike Dancing, Ass Sliding and the wicked BMX danger of Helltrack he would create an 80’s cult classic like RAD?

More than 30 years later, this wild 80’s movie starring Bill Allen and Lori Laughlin is still not commercially available, but that won’t stop Adam and a duo of guest hosts from the Cult Film Club podcast from pitching their epic sequel ideas for RAD 2 in this podcast adventure.

Paxton Holley from the NerdLunch podcast and I Read Movies delivers not 1, but 2 RAD sequels in order to create a trilogy that completes the journey of earnest BMX biker, Cru Jones. While RAD mega-fan, Shawn Robare from Branded In The 80’s imagines an Infinity War style crossover film featuring characters featured in Thrashin’, North Shore, Gleaming The Cube and Airborne coming together to get EXTREME! Meanwhile Adam combines the disciplines of BMX and Kung Fu for an unforgettable RAD 2 scenario that kicks the fun into high gear.

Listen now and get ready to walk this sucker!

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Music: Do The Relapse by Domo
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Music: You Be The Grudge by Domo

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