SequelQuest Podcast

EP54 - Encino Man Sequel - SequelQuest

September 15, 2017

Hey Bu-uuddy, we just found this totally chillin' movie frozen in the year 1992 called Encino Man and it's mucho buff, bro.

It stars Pauly Shore and Sean Astin as a couple of wacked out high school seniors trying get on the fast track to the popularity train like a game of Rad Mobile. Brendan Fraser plays a caveman named Linkovitch Chomsky aka Link with a totally wild mop on top and some killer acrobatic skills who has to learn to kick it in the 20th century.

The crusty crew of SequelQuest stopped weezing the juice long enough to toss out their ideas for an Encino Man sequel and these stories will totally tweak your melon, bro. So stop munching on that grindage and listen to the Encino Man 2 episode of SequelQuest now!

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