SequelQuest Podcast

EP46 - Short Circuit Sequel - SequelQuest

June 29, 2017

Who’s Johnny? Why Johnny 5 of course! Though over 30 years have passed since the cinematic debut of everybody’s favorite spunky, sentient robot, we think he’s due for a comeback in Short Circuit 3!

Join Adam, Jeff, Jeramy and special guest, Keith as they discuss the wacky hijinks that made the Short Circuit movies so unique and ripe for revival. Enjoy reliving the box office dominance of Steve Guttenberg, the quirkiness of Allie Sheedy and the questionable Indian stereotype comedy of Fisher Stevens.

So what has Johnny 5 been up to since his 1988 exploration of New York City in Short Circuit 2? He may have fought in Operation Desert Shield, learned about country living the cowboy way or just been receiving Windows updates since 2000.

So listen to our take on Short Circuit 3 now for a few laughs. There’s plenty of input to make you feel alive!

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