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EP41 - The Mask Franchise - SequelQuest

May 18, 2017

1994 was a huge year at the movies for Jim Carrey, seeing the release of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, as well as Dumb & Dumber. It was also the year of his starring role in The Mask, which also marked the film debut of Cameron Diaz. Thanks to Carrey’s live action cartoon antics, the madcap, green faced comic book hero soon spun his way into the hearts of the moviegoing public in a film performance that was undeniably “Ssssmmmmokin’!” Unfortunately we never got to see Jim Carrey reprise the role.

A universally panned sequel, Son of The Mask starring Jamie Kennedy failed to re-ignite interest in the property, but the SequelQuest crew couldn’t let that be the fate of such an entertaining big screen icon. The possibilities presented by the magical force of the Mask are endless and it’s time to explore what a 3rd film in the franchise could be.

Join Jeff, Jeramy, Adam and special guest, Colin as they discuss the phenomenon of the New Line Cinema’s hilarious film and it’s comic book origins, then pitch their ideas for bringing back the outrageous adventures of The Mask to the world.

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