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October 25, 2018

Bonus EP9 | Trick Or Treat w/Chad (

On our recent Halloween episode we shared with you our “tricks” for getting Sammi Curr rocking and rolling back into the world of horror movies when we pitched a sequel to the 1986 cult film, Trick Or Treat. We had so much fun discussing the movie with our special guest on that episode, we couldn’t help but dive back into the heavy metal mayhem with Chad from and it was a real “treat”.

In this bonus Halloween podcast you‘ll learn why Chad ranks Sammi Curr above Michael Meyers and Pinhead in the pantheon of horror movie icons, as well as hear his theories on the real reason Nuke disappears during the film’s climax. Chad and Adam even come up with a way to continue the adventures of Sammi Curr in a graphic novel format!

Most exciting of all, Chad tells the stories of how he decided to “stand up and be counted” among Trick or Treat super fans by meeting two cast members from the film. Yes, Chad met both Marc Price and Gene Simmons in the flesh and lived to tell the tale.

So listen now and enjoy this special conversation with one of Rock’s chosen warriors as your friends at SequelQuest wish you a Happy Halloween!


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