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Bonus EP7 - The Rocketeer Memories | SequelQuest

November 9, 2017

Bonus Episode! We had a lot of fun pitching ideas for a sequel to The Rocketeer, but what fueled our imaginations was childhood love for the film and it's title character. Though the film did poorly at the box office in 1991, there was a fairly large merchandising push by Walt Disney Studios at the time.

To keep the year celebration going, Adam tracked down a collector of The Rocketeer memorabilia named Dan aka Popper and the two had a lot of fun reminiscing about the media and merchandising hype surrounding the film in the 90's.

You'll learn about The Rocketeer comic books, figures, candy, jewelry, advertising displays and more in this special bonus episode. Dan actually still has multiple items of this vintage merchandise for sale in his eBay store and as a special offer to our listeners you can get a discount on The Rocketeer memorabilia being offered.

Listen to this bonus episode now for all the details on how to get your discount and enjoy a fun conversation for all fans of The Rocketeer.

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