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BONUS EP6 - Fast and Furious Memories | SequelQuest

September 8, 2017

Vroom, vroom, vroom! We're dropping the flag on an exciting bonus podcast and this one's screeching off the starting line in a big way.

On the most recent episode of SequelQuest, we imagined what a 9th Fast and Furious film could be. But what about the original inspiration behind the multi billion dollar movie franchise? What about the world of California street racing?

Adam invited his buddy Bret for a special discussion of his days attending illegal street races in the early 2000's just as The Fast and The Furious was hitting theaters. It's all here, wild fist fights, secret racing meet-ups, running from the cops!

Vin Diesel wishes he had adventures like these. Bret holds nothing back as he tells all in this bonus episode of SequelQuest, so listen now!

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